"Did somebody say Adventure?"


What is Vapor into the Galaxy?

Vapor into the Galaxy is a storytelling passion project I started in high school with the goal of creative chaos and fun! With dozens of characters, worlds, galaxies, and adventures to explore, I think it would be worth checking out what’s going on here, what do you think?


To put it simply; I want to tell fun stories about hope, empathy, and courage. Writing is a lot of fun and I love a good excuse to break time, space, and sometimes blow up the sun.


Some stories portray humanity as being stable, mastering nature, and being in control. My stories portray humanity as giving the keys to the untold powers of the universe to a toddler and hoping they won’t screw up. Spoiler alert; they screw up fast.


I write for anyone who is as young as 13 up to young adults. I may write very fun and bubbly adventures but the true heart of these stories come from the struggles of grief, feeling hopelessness, or not feeling enough for anyone.  

If you dare to venture into the chaos of life, these stories are for you!


I’m trying really hard to hook you into clicking on the button here to read more, so hopefully being blunt helps motivate you to press the nice shiny button :O


What’s new in the Vapor Universe?

Here are the newest updates and news on the Vapor into the Galaxy project! Usually I neglect this but I can 70% gurantee that I won’t completely neglect updating this again! >:D

7 year anniversery!

7 Years ago I started this mess, so read more on how the process has been and get some more sneak-peaks into the upcoming new series!

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Blog Updates are a Thing Now

Now you can follow updates on what’s going on in the Vapor Universe and get my direct feedback and updates! It’s like this channel but it’s got a lot of data B)

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The Archived Series has returned!

I can’t remember what happened but I think the site got hacked and I ended up losing the previous data involving the archived series, but now it is back and you can judge my history of petty work!

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Vapor into the Galaxy 2020

Are you Ready to Explore the Galaxies?

Be my guest and go ahead and take a sneak-peak into the mulitversal hot-spot of Milkdromeda! From savage wastelands of an exploded-sun to a giant galactic tree that hates technology, Milkdromeda has room for all! 

Did somebody say Adventure?
Vapor into the Galaxy 2016

Vapor into the Galaxy originally started as a fun creative project in high school, growing to become a deeper, passionate, and dramatic story with personal stakes, relationships, and most importantly, adventure. 

Over the years, the brand has grown to become something even more strong and complex than what the 2016-2018 series could become, so I chose to archive the series and start fresh.

However, to explore the messy history, I have written this series called “Into the Archived“, a side project where I have gone back and written about these stories since I am too afraid to upload them again! 


Artwork Sample

Here is some samples of my artwork and style, completely original and developed ever since 2016 B)

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