Archived – Season 1

Into the Archived - Season 1

Vapor, an enthusiastic yet lonely alien is set off on adventures throughout the galaxy with both old and new friends. Slowly unraveling the mystery of a dark future lead by Lunar, Vapor is tasked to lead his friends through dark and uncomfortable twists, that will change everything.

Heads up! These are not canon!

Because of a minor multiversal catastrophe, this cluster of the multiverse is completely closed off and quarantined. In single-universe-terms, these adventures, versions of characters, and events do not exist in the modern Vapor into the Galaxy world. This universe will stay closed until further notice, and any crossing into this universe will result in a 7 year banishment to the “not-so-very-fun-zone”.

Book 1 - A New Hope

Yes, I subconsciously stole this from Star Wars. And yes, I am still embarrassed about it


A New Hope introduces Vapor, the isolated Akkadian race of aliens that strangely went extinct. The story opens talking about Vapor’s past, it’s a really bad hook for the story and I’ve only met a few people who have moved passed it. It’s pretty bad, but every creative artist has a start, and instead of scrapping it, I chose to move forward with the series.

As the plot continues, the readers are greeted with how Vapor was backstabbed and regenerated (Start taking notes of these patterns). Yet, a future version of Vapor appears and confronts Lunar, motivating him to seize precious time to work on stopping the potential Vapor could become.

“And little do you know what I have the plan to do to your sorry butt, I am going to make sure you die, and this time, you won’t survive” said Lunar darkly

Returning to backstab Vapor, he travels through the multiverse in the river he was knocked into. He gathers his friends together, solves a puzzle, kicks a cloud being’s butt for hurting a lonely species. Pikachu ended up getting nearly killed, and Vapor went back to save him out of anger and frustration. He ends up sacrificing his life to save Pikachu and everyone else.

“Time to get a Netflix and Chill, also maybe a toaster, we need one really bad.” Said Vapor

The plot ends up with more copyrighted characters and completely diving into marvel stuff to find the infamous netflix and chill, and takes up the name for Star Hero. Most of these stories are really embarrassing and could’ve been deployed better, but I am proud to say this is my rough start and the beginning of a bigger picture.

Book 2 - Ink Wars

A prime example of why copyright laws exist


Vapor into the Galaxy Ink Wars introduces us to a different world in the Vapor Universe where a dynamic between Nintendo’s Splatoon playable characters “Inklings” and their antagonists “Octolings.” Between this bitter and bloodthirsty rivalry (It’s seriously not this dramatic in the game, 15-year-old me didn’t understand half of the stuff going on), a figure appears and joins Vapor’s side.

Eventually in the plot, the main series’ antagonist Fear is revealed to infect the good-guys side and manipulate his way through to bring havoc and chaos. Vapor and Skrya fly through space (Because Vapor have these fire wings for some reason?) and Skyra ends up nearly dying in space from an explosion from a Fear space station. Skyra reveals that internally, she was also a designated hero of time and space and has this strange power in her.

After their drama and role confusion, Vapor and this military expert Skyra work together to bring back the giant energy fish to redeem peace between the two sides. Vapor sacrifices himself again but ends up completely fine. After restoring peace in this world, Skyra joins Vapor’s hero of time and space team and get ready for a new adventure, involving another copyrighted character’s return for vengeance.


A lot of this story was written because of my expression and need for relationships when I was 15. The idea of just having someone who was willing to be my best friend and support me to do the right thing was really important. Even how Skyra had these powers and similar goals to Vapor, it was really important and meaningful to me to have that supportive feminine figure when I was younger. Later, you will see this character role shift, but in the meantime, you’ll see other examples of this claim.

Overall, this story was written to support the character Skyra coming to the Vapor team and give companionship through a story about conflict between sides and resources. Although this doesn’t leave any marks or change in the plot, introductions to future pieces of the series is entered…

Book 3 - A broken Friendship

I call this, “filler at a lazy level”


The Broken Friendship story is centered around Vapor repairing his old relationship with his friend Maxwell (Yes, the one from Scribblenauts). The story is very short, as Vapor fights and wins against Maxwell and restores their world and brings him back home.

As they brought him home, Skyra was mind controlled and completely killed the dude by smashing a giant spaceship into him. By stopping the four legendary heroes (That mind controlled Skyra?) Now get ready for this, this gets really dramatic and unreasonably weird. Vapor and the group explore the stars for a bit and come back and figure out what happened with Skyra and stop the mind control, then they build a grave for the dead guy (who blew up). Once they realize they build a grave for a man who blew up, the dark figure Lunar appears out of nowhere and releases a vicious beast upon the galaxy. And, it ends on that cliffhanger. Until next time….

Book 4 - The Lunar Eclipse

A Mid-season finale but is also a rip-off of another storyline B)


After the return of the character Lunar in the previous story, Vapor is sent into a wild and chaotic adventure throughout the galaxy to stop him. The story Lunar Storm carries heavy inspiration from Telltale’s Minecraft Story Mode. Due to the usage of the series antagonist “Wither Storm,” it wasn’t too far off of completely ripping off that aspect of the series. While also copying the betrayal arc of the story towards the end, this story was very well a stepping stone for Vapor to achieve his heroic status.

The plot of Lunar Storm consists of following Vapor around as he fights against a giant monster that is destroying and corrupting planets in the galaxy. Although he is the only one to stand up alongside with his friends, there are parts of the story where Vapor digitally fights Lunar and Fear. After he escapes and blows up a whole fricken’ space castle, Vapor is on the search for the four heroes in the previous book.

The four heroes were based upon some very basic characters I made when I was about 10 to 12. They were basically the same person, except they had different powers. There was Dreamhero, the hero of dreams, Lightning hero, who’s ability to use lightning made him heroic, Love hero, who was basically Cupid? (I don’t know where these ideas came from), and Time hero, a hero who could time travel.

Anyways, Vapor discovers for himself that these heroes were indeed false and used their heroic status to cheat upon the system. They ended up giving Vapor the tools to destroy the storm with his own electric sword. Vapor stands up once and for all to the giant monster in his armor and brings Skyra with him to face it once and for all. Vapor, destroying the being, landed safely back on the ground of the planet they were above. After they landed and everyone cheered each other on, Lunar used a shotgun and killed Skyra right in front of Vapor, and disappeared into the unknown. Vapor not being able to save Skyra, watched her die right in front him. The story ends with Vapor reflecting upon her death with a statue, and continuing life with his friends.


So alright, that was a lot of information to take in, but the story in a nutshell. Skyra never had a story arc, neither did any of these characters. Vapor was very overpowered and watched other’s die around him, such as Skyra for not being up to their level. Giving her a valid death yet missed opportunity for that story arc. Vapor missed Skyra the most, but the stories continued later as it transitioned to a new aspect of the universe.

Personally, I think the level of drama that was risen could’ve been done better, but I can easily say that about everything I’ve written. This first half of the story was really important to me, especially since it was my first run living inside the underdeveloped universe. Although this segment didn’t set anything up for future wise, the impacts of this story will have a heavy effect upon the future of this universe. Especially by introducing another new hope.

Book 5 - The Other New Hope

Ooooone is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do, twoooooo can be just as bad as one


The Other New Hope starts out with Vapor talking to himself (because I think talking in third person and pretending to break the fourth wall is great) and the group gets ready to infiltrate a castle. As they descend into it, Vapor finds an electronic cupcake that leads him to a space-con type of gathering. He finds an Akkadian girl that has red and poofy hair and follows her spaceship by holding onto a rope. Once he gets inside the ship, they duke it out and becoming best friends right on the spot. Vapor, discovering another Akkadian from another dimension is lead to the Akkadian Empire, a floating island held down by chains that holds a busy city. 

Because it’s another dimension, Cherry Bomb (The other Akkadian) fights against another world’s version of Lunar, also known as Luna. Which confirms that Cherry is the alternate universe Vapor. Vapor and Cherry try to start a revolution, but the Akkadians all have this snarky and bad attitude. Vapor and Cherry end up fighting Luna alone, and Vapor sacrifices his life to stop another Lunar Storm. Cherry obviously saves Vapor, and they end up going back to fight the inevitable.

I honesty have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote this, but apparently


“The scene resumed, and it showed Vapor having a tear fall, but then out of no where, Cherry Bomb flew in, and saved Vapor, but the jar broke, and the Wither Storm came out of it.

‘Vapor, why the heck did you do that?!?’ said Cherry Bomb

“Because I don’t want you to go through what I went through with this Lunar Storm, its completely horrible.’ Said Vapor

In the backround, Lunar and Luna stepped into the Wither Storm and It got REALLY BIG, and three big Lunar heads, and three big Luna heads popped out the inside of the storm. Then there was green and purple tractor beam lights everywhere because of the storm.

‘Vapor, that’s the most thoughtfull thing someone has ever done for me, I appreciate it but I cant lose you as a friend, you’ve done so much for me, and you didn’t even have to come out here to help me’ said Cherry Bomb offering a hug.”


The two work together to finally take down the large monster in the sky and revert back to their home dimensions.


The OTHER new hope was a way for me to vent and feel safe with someone, such as Cherry Bomb in this world. A lot of the Akkadians represented people at my school, people generally there were just more judgemental and had a snobby attitude. Cherry Bomb was the idea that I can have a friend that is genuine and really likes me, basically an inseucirity fullfilled. Cherry Bomb fills this roles a lot during the season, and season 2 really challenges Vapor to be without his best friend. Similar to the New Hope, The OTHER New Hope sets up the relationship and future of Vapor and Cherry Bomb, the heroes of time and space.

Book 6 - Return of the Inklings

Is the title clearly referencing Splatoon…? Yes… But is the story original and feature a wide variety of new characters to continue the story from where we left off? Kinda…


Return of the Inklings was more suited for a return to the Vapor Universe after the Lunar Storm finale. The plot sets itself up well and carries out this long adventure over the span of 3 books. With leaving behind Sonic and Gomez, the story focuses more on Vapor, Pikachu, Link, and Cherry Bomb. The plot starts with people against Vapor’s heroicness across the galaxy, and their tampering of a statue of Skyra Vapor built in her memory. Vapor later visits Cherry and her interdimensional space station allowing them to go across the universe on countless new adventurers through new worlds such as their parallel universe. Surprisingly, the anti-Vapor group attacks Cherry’s space station and Vapor, Pikachu, Link, and Cherry chase them into this new world.

This world is simply a planet dominated by the ocean, above it is featuring a city in the clouds. With this city, it quickly turns against Vapor based off the anti-group’s bias on Vapor, kicking them completely out of the city. Escaping as mini-ufo’s chase the group, it is just Vapor and Pikachu that barely escape.

Vapor and Pikachu arrive to a underwater mall, set in the middle of nowhere. They descend into it, and eventually it sparks the start of a murder mystery, with an individual in a mysterious and eerie mask murdering people. The Mongoose murderer was eventually uncovered as the Pokémon character female red, and Vapor and Pikachu stopped her and returned to the sky city.

Sky city was left in chaos as the anti-Vapor group terrorized the city. Vapor faced the leader, of the group alone, and the confrontation lead to their anger of Vapor getting attention and their group not. After besting him and saving his life after Vapor defeating the leader, the city started falling. Vapor eventually was face to face with none other, than Skyra.


When I wrote that story, I was specifically focused on inspiration of Minecraft Story Mode’s episode 5, with the whole new dimension and world to explore. I had fun writing this story, but it was boring at some parts due to wanting to return Vapor back to the confrontation with this group. Bringing Skyra back was actually done on a whim for the shock value, but bringing Skyra back is way too cliché on our culture.



You’ve Got a fren-in-me (yes, I misspelled friend because it was cool back in the day to misspell words like a baby) was about Vapor’s attempt to bring back Skyra as her body was taken over by Fear, the series’ first antagonist. Vapor worked together with the anti-group after he saved them in the Sky city battle, and they head off to retrieve a special sword upgrade that will allow Vapor to stop Fear once and for all.

They go through a dungeons and dragons board game planet, and both Vapor and Cherry upgrade their swords to allow electric and fire abilities to the sword. They all crash the spirit train and face off fear as the leader of the anti-Vapor group gave his life-force to save Skyra. Vapor saves Skyra, and he defeats Fear and his wildest contraption once and for all. Vapor victoriously struct down Fear, and saved Skyra. As the group opened a portal back to go home, a strange voice could be heard claiming that their universe was on the collapse of destruction. The portal collapses, and Cherry Bomb cannot open another portal back home. DUN dun DUUUUUUUN



You’ve got a fren-in-me was basically the part where Vapor rescues Skyra and defeats Fear once and for all, continuing the previous book. Some of the elements of the story were inspired by The Legend of Zelda; Spirit Tracks but everything else was original. Again, this story was nothing special, but a continuation of the previous story.

Book 8 - Lost in Time

“Okay I am so not responsible for me giving that little kid a bomb” said Link

“Ugh this is so useless!” said Skyra

“I know Skyra, but it’s getting us somewhere and we just got to get home” said Vapor

“Vapor it’s definitely not you, it’s her!” said Skyra pointing to Cherry Bomb

“Um, excuse me?” said Cherry Bomb

“Oh crap here comes the drama” said Vapor

  • Peak “random lol” humor


Lost in Time starts off where the previous book left off; Vapor and the group working on getting back to their home. The anti-Vapor group stays behind, while Vapor, Skyra, Link, Pikachu, and Cherry go look for help Now suddenly, the Doctor from Doctor Who appears. The Doctor, who apparently gave Vapor his black hoodie (which I completely forgot about) released the group into a desert. The guys of the group get mind controlled by all the single ladies, but Cherry and Skyra, while fighting with each other and being dramatic, save the group back and blast off to the center of the Universe.

                Vapor uses the time orb and gets abilities to temporary travel through time, and the first thing he does is confront Lunar from the past. He then traveled through the multiverse and brought together his friends on a floating island in space to work through. Vapor did their group that his name was Vapor, so he literally created a paradox for how he got his name? Cherry Bomb time travelled again to the first book to comfort Vapor while he was on his emotional flight through space. Skyra did the exact same thing, except it was for his emotional flight about Skyra.

                The tone of the story heavily changed once they got into a secret bunker during the Lunar Storm adventure. Vapor discovered through a DVD that Skyra worked with Lunar, and she was spying on Vapor. Vapor’s whole world was shifted at that point, and the plot took a huge twist. Vapor rejects Skyra back to her home dimension, and they send Link back to investigate. Vapor and Cherry Bomb take a last stop through their Time adventure and watch how Vapor was created. He wasn’t created, but lost his memory. Cherry Bomb tried to stop Vapor during the past, but lost her memory too, which explains the idea that they were two dimensional versions of each other.

                After they were done, they traveled to the exact moment the portal collapsed, and flew right in to go back to their home world. After they arrive, they see the galaxy is in complete danger. Lunar Storms all over the place, stars disappearing left and right, their world was ending. To be continued.


Vapor into the Galaxy, Lost in Time was set as an obstacle for our heroes to get back home before their home gets torn up even more. Although it did great at keeping it’s objective clear and really building up the tension and tone for the finale, that one desert seen with a Minecraft Story Mode episode 8 rip off was cheesy and over dramatic.

One thing I really enjoyed about it was how the plot twisted and turned as Vapor discovered for himself what really happened on accident, challenging his world and truth. Skyra was used very effectively despite the cliché back from the dead return, it was a hard punch to the gut seeing her betray Vapor after everything he’s done, heck this whole thing happened because of her death.

The tone took a humungous turn that forever shakes the Vapor Universe, setting up what twists and turns the finale Vapor will have to go through in his battle against Lunar. The thing I really appreciate about this twist is it sets up the rest of the series in a new and unexpected way, dealing with the new reality that twisted outside of Vapor’s perspective of the truth. The series from here on out starts taking a big turn in the right direction, and this is where I start having fun writing these into the Archived articles. So, stay tuned for the finale of the first season of Vapor into the Galaxy, coming soon.

Book 9 - The LAST Hope

We’re going full circles now!


Vapor and the group wake up in a strange prison hotel, designed to force the heroes to face their nightmares. After conveniently escaping, Vapor faces off with Skyra in a duel to escape the prison. Vapor wins, but the group is hit with a depression as they watch the universe get torn apart.

They return to Vapor’s original home after his memory loss and retrieve his Lunar Storm armor. They face Lunar in a large tower in the center of their galaxy, and Vapor uses a tactic to stop him different than violence. Vapor tries to spot the good in Lunar as they head when they were younger, but he rejects Vapor. Just to put the nail in the coffin, he reveals that his “friends,” the copyrighted characters were just used to harm him in that moment. Vapor gets tossed out of the tower, leaving Cherry Bomb and Pikachu devastated (they’re not fake).

After some more Minecraft Story mode rip off small arcs, Vapor and Cherry Bomb get special teal and green armor to face off the Lunar Eclipse the universe is dealing with. As they ride onto a Lunar Storm beast to the tower, Vapor and Cherry return to the scene to face off with Lunar. Cherry gets turned against Vapor by weird black goo, and Vapor saves her, causing Lunar in a beat like furry.

Vapor and Lunar have a personal fight against one another, while Lunar is shifted into a huge beast with neon red marks. The time and space around them starts shifting, and Vapor and Cherry’s weapons do nothing at all to damage him. Eventually, they use something stupid like the power of friendship or something to blast a light laser at him, weakening him. They then go destroy several machines, as Lunar fades out of reality. He pleads for help, but Vapor pushed through and destroys the tower, causing a big bang. Lunar jumped in air as a last result, and slices Vapor’s arm off, knocking him out.

Everyone wakes up in this white plane, and Vapor confronted his friends one last time, and Lunar. Everyone was sent back to their home dimension, and the time and space fabric of reality did a soft reset after Lunar’s defeat. Vapor got a robot arm from the same guy who made their armor. Vapor, Cherry, and Pikachu jump up and do a dab during their attention and fame for saving the galaxy.

After the cringey finale, Vapor reminiscent back on his life and looking at all his relics and adventure gear. Suddenly, he finds a note from the future, claiming that his story is just beginning, as things are going to get much harder. The flashback ends, to reveal Vapor tied up next to Cherry Bomb as Vapor finished up his life story. The character D-Stuff/Zirco makes his first appearance and breaks the fourth wall, and Cherry Bomb is strangely angry towards Vapor. He asks Vapor to tell him about the Cheek Squad adventure, and that’s when the book ends.



To start off this semi-mess, Lunar is a mad lad. The idea for Vapor into the Galaxy; The Last Hope was to shake Vapor to his core enough to stop Lunar and save the galaxy. The choice to have Vapor’s friends betray him was based off my betrayal of friendships plenty of times when I was in middle and high school. Everything else was basically just filler just to supplement Vapor’s adventure and finale of the first season.


You made it to the End!

With that being said, the first season is complete as this point, and brings peace to Vapor’s life- for now. I think the biggest message I appreciate I got from this was the hard reality that nothing lasts forever, including Vapor’s relationship and group of friends. Although the people who he was close to stayed by his side, betrayal can still happen if you’re not aware.

One thing I wish I could’ve done better is implementing Hope and living in fear and depression. I think the series would’ve been much more relatable and more enjoyable if you cut out all the fluff and give Vapor more emotions besides being the perfect hero I wanted to be. If he faced more fears of being vulnerable or not perceiving toxic relationships, the story would’ve been much stronger and relatable.

This is a big reason why I do want to do a reboot of the Vapor universe and just focus on the story quality. The quality does get better over time, and Cheek Squad takes a good first step at showing improvement to Vapor’s depression and fear of loneliness. I am glad I finished this first season off, I felt really sad, yet happy when I finished it and published it. But for now, that will be a wrap for the first season of Vapor into the Galaxy, until the next season of Into the Archived. 

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