Where There’s Enough Space for All!

Map of Planet Clusters in the Milkdromeda Galaxy

The Infinite

A large cluster of the galaxy is consumed by this strange multiversal-plasma called the “Infinite”, and within lies a tangled mess of the ancient multiverse war. However, we use it as a port to find gateways to other universes and heavily caution others to not use this without professional aid.



We want YOU to join our ranks and help fight against the alien Zetans! The damn aliens refuse to declare war, stating that they don’t have time for us, and WE took that personally. Already owning 1/3rd of territory, the battle is far from over and someday we will expand Milkdromeda’s resources entirely!

Fight these humanoid aliens and make things right for our small galaxy!


Have you ever wanted to legally blow up the sun? We have in Anarchia, and it looks awesome as ****!! We welcome those who need the sandbox of power and destruction while living a free life of no rules. As long as you can handle the idea of possibly fighting mythological Gods to claim your place in the food-chain, you probably (might) be fine.

We listen to heavy metal as a form of taxes >:D

The Dark

RESTRICTED ACCESS – MILKD#430 – Log_5; “Emergency Log, Day 5 of the mineral extraction excavation. We are experiencing a beam-like pull into the thick jungle of this hell-hole of an astro-cluster. I-I’m not going to make it, I feel it in my veins already. My nerves are gone and I’m too afraid to look at my body, but all I ask is please, have mercy on all of-“

*We cut the audio due to the screams that followed.*


Gone are the days of dragons, castles, or knights to fight the witches; or so you thought. At Fantastica, we pledge ourselves to live the best life away from obscure science and move closer to a world of magic, fantasy, and adventure.

We enjoy the simple life and refuse to deal with the complicated.


Tired of living life in the physical world? Come live in the virtual world then, where everything is in YOUR control! With our planetary-sized technology of servers, data, and worlds, the potential is infinite. Everything you need in life is available at your virtual fingertips, at no cost* whatsoever!! 

*Soul-binding fee’s will apply.

Introductory pamphlets of the different world clusters

More Information Coming soon!

Milkdromeda promises to deliver a professional welcome brochure of the sights to see, catalog of planets to visit, and more information of these worlds. Due to recent events occurring in Milkdromeda, they are not fully able to bring us that information so for now we will have to wait. However, please enjoy this map they have provided!

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