Into the Archived 3 – Infinite

into the Archived 3 - Infinite

Vapor, the leader of the Cheek Squad faces conflict with everything in his life once he meets his toxic and destructive step siblings. Thus, spreading his friends out even further as they watch the Universe crumble by the vast and gigantic Infinite. 

Heads up! These are not canon!

Because of a minor multiversal catastrophe, this cluster of the multiverse is completely closed off and quarantined. In single-universe-terms, these adventures, versions of characters, and events do not exist in the modern Vapor into the Galaxy world. This universe will stay closed until further notice, and any crossing into this universe will result in a 7 year banishment to the “not-so-very-fun-zone”.

Book 17 - Welcome to the Infinite

“’Geez, is it too much to call for an invasion or plan it ahead of time?’ says Vapor, the Hero of time and space.”


The story opens up, with an enemy assault onto the Akkadian Empire from ex-Akkadians, called the Dakotas and their leader Eltrovo. Eltrovo had a grudge against Vapor and his group for some reason, so they tore the city apart and caused havoc and chaos. While Vapor and Cherry Bomb get beaten pretty badly, the Cheek Squad shows up and stops the invasion. Eltrovo confronts Vapor on on one, and he reveals that Vapor is longing for family, and he passes out once he seeing and remembering his siblings.

 After bringing in a new Cheek Squad member named Willow, Vapor’s long-lost siblings showed up to his island. Cherry Bomb wasn’t happy about it, and Vapor chose to spend time with them since they manipulated him to choose them over Cherry Bomb. Vapor takes Cherry Bomb with him to his siblings, and confronts her on her lack of effort to bond with the Cheek Squad members.

When they arrive at their place, they get ambushed by Dakotans and his siblings explain that they are the ones to bring peace to the two Akkadian cultures. Cherry Bomb became more jealous of Vapor’s attention as he spent more time with them. Suddenly, Akkadian Empire got attacked again because Spry shared the coordinates to the city, and the island started crashing down once they broke the island’s giant chain. Deadeye opened a giant portal using a lot of quantum energy, and the island crashed down.

They woke up on a strange planet, and Willow killed herself fighting to carry the whole Cheek Squad island and entirety of residents into the portal. After the cheek squad and Akkadian Empire members escape from a vampire city, one of their Akkadian members Kitz got exiled and joined the Cheek Squad. Vapor’s siblings made him choose between them and their siblings, and Vapor ends up choosing his siblings. Cherry leaves to live with Zirco in the chaos galaxy, and later Vapor left with his siblings with a last goodbye from his friends.

An hour after Vapor left, Eltrovo opened the Infinite; a mystical ginormous cosmic twisted portal that lead to several different dimensions and holes in space. The Cheek Squad got knocked into different parts of the cosmic Infinite and separating the group into three different groups. To be continued…


Welcome to the Infinite was basically the introduction and set up for the entire series. Unfortunately, it was set up to be HUGE, but only lasted 3 more books before I got burnt out. The Infinite was a pretty dang cool way to really expand on the Vapor Universe, the story really set up a conflict between Vapor and Cherry Bomb since they equally messed up, and Vapor got separated from his friends.

Now with the characters, they were all a step up and more unique and different than the last season with growth. The story was set a year after the events of Cheek Squad, and it was Vapor and Cherry Bomb’s 3 year anniversary. With Vapor’s siblings Spry and Strike, that’s a little more personal and a big reason I took down what I took down on my website. Spry and Strike were based off my step siblings, and they caused my family some drama and tension over some years, and I got hurt from it. I expressed my frustration and hurt through it, but eventually we did work things out with them and I felt bad for putting my siblings in a bad light the way I did. Even though they could be great characters, it was biased.

With that being said, it was a huge reason why I wanted my content off my website and kept privately, for good. There was also issues such as bad writing and copyrighted content that was just really embarrassing, but we’ll get to that later.

Book 18 - The Disbanded

The debut of chaos itself

“How are you here? I watched you get impaled with a fricken electric spear” asked Emo Emu.

“Well as Quantum Gods, the energy that is constantly changing keeps us alive. There is one other who had the power to kill us but we still haven’t found her yet.” Said Athena.

“No wonder why you were always vicious in war mode, but you faked your death?” asked Emo Emu.

“No, I genuinely died but I rejuvenated back to the chaos galaxy” said Athena crossing her arms.

“That’s stupid, is the weird blue haired fiend here too that got squished?” said Emo Emu.

“No, that guy was a jerk. What brings you here though?” asked Athena.


The Chaos Galaxy

The Disbanded opens up by introducing us to the world of the Chaos Galaxy. We meet Kerboom, the God Slayer, kill a quantum-ized Akkadian God to save a little kid’s life. Later, the plot cuts back to Emo Emu, Deadeye, and Rosie as they deal with a conflict with another God. They escape and try to become heroes and meet Kerboom and follow her back home. Once they deal with more conflict in a Casino battle, the three get introduced to a clan called the Vipers lead by Hestia.

The Chaos Galaxy is divided into several factions and leaders of the Chaos, with the good guy’s Vipers, based off of Vapor against the Lunar Storm, the high tech and tactful fighters against the Gods, the Paradox, and the crazed Anarchist Gods, the Mythos. As the story progressed, they meet new Tyche and Nemesis to join their fight to be heroes. A conflict Emo Emu struggles with is trying to have a good relationship with Deadeye with his carelessness and drunken attitude. It eventually leaves her to deal with past trauma while searching for him, and met Athena. Athena actually claimed to be Zesty Cabinet, but she explained her immortality and how she is summoned back to the Chaos Galaxy upon death. 

Athena talks about how their Clans prevents problems within an anarchist society, but helps Emo Emu reach her next point in the plot searching for Deadeye after he disappeared. After Emo Emu found Deadeye (who was trapped by the Mythos group) The Quantum Gods explain Deadeye’s quantum ability and special gene that can reach powerful heights. Emo Emu becomes in complete denial when hearing the truth, but unfortunately, she was lied to by him. When ambushed by other Gods, a quantum God sacrifices his life for Kerboom, and reveals to her that she is Aphrodite, the God of the Hunt.

The group eventually “died,” and went to quantum Hell. Emo Emu meets a quantum underground faction, and they helped bring everyone back to the overworld. They have a last confrontation with the Greek gods to fight for control of the Chaos Galaxy, and Zeus cuts off Emo Emu’s legs. Deadeye gives her robot legs quick and easy, but he meets up face to face with the person who quantum-engineered him. He spreads a virus across the anarchy galaxy, and it’s under his complete control. To be continued… (It doesn’t continute).

Although, we get to see Rosie finish the story off by going to a bar and running into Cherry Bomb, and how their group is against Vapor and the Infinite.


The Disbanded was the first book to take a step away from Vapor, and focus on a whole new world different than anything in the Vapor Universe seen, and the characters easily give a new experience and personality to explore it from. When I wrote this, I mostly related to Emo Emu because of her impulsiveness and trying to be sane while everyone else is going crazy. Bringing Deadeye into this story was an absolute blast, he was a chaotic neutral character and really influenced the war going on with the story. While with Rosie, she wasn’t needed in the story and was just extra and shows her dealing with depression and a loss of her friends.

For the story piece, I actually thought the world building worked great since there was so much going on in this chaotic and anarchy world. Not only did the factions bring a variety of opinion of the way of life through Anarchy, but it kept a good story pace. Although I think it could have been much more fleshed out and spread between three books, it was interesting and cool to see Greek Gods interact with the anarchy world around them. The reason I did choose Greek Gods as characters in this world is due to anarchy being an idea invented to by Greece philosophers.

Anyways, I think stepping out of Vapor was a huge step and allowing characters to breathe more life into the Vapor Universe was a great step in the right direction.

Book 19 - The Shadowed

The Cosmos

The Shadowed opens explaining how the space princess Susanna lost her parents, and how she hid behind narcissism to deal with her grief. As the story progresses, Skyra wakes up from a dream where Vapor completely rejects her, and Scar wake up in a steampunk world in the sky. After meeting the queen, a Zygine army lead by an Akkadian sent the steampunk city into chaos to retrieve her special possession; Steam Pug, a quantum good boy.

After they escaped with their life, the Zygines caught Steampug and Skyra wakes from a terrible dream about Lunar ordering her to slay Vapor and his friends. After losing Susanna and Zip (The steampunk anarchist) from being kidnapped by the Chameleon people, Scar and Skyra meet with plant people and they rescue the prisoners in space. Once the Zygine ship catches up to them, Skyra opens a portal and they cosmic jump to another universe.

Skyra wakes up from a bad dream with Lunar demanding Reaper to find Susanna and kill her to get Skyra back in her position. Once they wake up, they are in a desert planet full of snake people. They get captured and forced to fight in an arena, featuring Gladiator Vapor, a parallel universe of Vapor. They fought and Skyra won the fight, and meet the king snake’s daughter, a popular streamer that pretends to be human. They get her help, and escape from another Zygine attack. Skyra manages to blow up the Zygine ship, and confronts the Reaper. She claims to be ordered from “him,” to kill Susanna and take Steam Pug, but she escapes and Skyra and her group move on to the next universe.

Skyra wakes up again, from a dream where she talks to Vapor in a more normal environment and setting. He tells her how he moved on and they just grew apart because he got busy. Once they deal with furry racism, Susanna claims to remember her staff can transport the whole steampunk island to another reality and away from the Zygines. Skyra returns to Earth and retrieves the staff, and the final battle happens at the Steampunk city. Skyra bests Susanna, and saves her life right as she was about to die since they can work together against the “him” figure. The Zygines successfully kidnap Susanna as she sacrifices her life to save Skyra, and Reaper and Skyra jump into the void to save her.

Once Skyra goes too deep into the pocket universe, everything is cloudy and dark. “Him,” holds Susanna in his arms with a knife to her throat. Susanna is killed in front of Skyra, and she completely breaks down. The figure reveals himself to be Lunar, and all Skyra feels is pain and regret between Vapor and losing Susanna, someone she really connected with. Skyra gives up her memory to lose the pain, and Lunar erases her memory. Skyra is now under Lunar’s control, now called the Star Slayer.


Well, this is probably my favorite book I’ve ever written. The Shadowed takes a different approach to the Vapor Universe, and gives Skyra the spotlight. With her insecurities about what she did still haunting her through dreams, and Lunar’s effect on her. With Skyra exploring different aspects of the multiverse, she runs into people like Susanna who do suffer from being the bad guy. Same thing with the Reaper, since Skyra saw Lunar’s abuse on her.

With finally accepting where she’s at with Vapor in the end, Lunar completely destroys that by taking her friends away. A lot of this book was a lot of fun too, the characters gave a lot of variety and experience to the story, except for Scar, she was forced as a side character.

Book 20 - The Masked

A murder mystery that is set within a highschool musical that is also set in the quantum space between parallel universes

“What are you idiots doing here?” asked Eltrovo confused.

“Why don’t you tell us that!?… Lion King?” said Grinder confusingly.

“No, he’s more of a Litzard King, like the whole black and red gives those kind of vibes off” said Elluna.

“No it’s lion king, I know what I’m talking about” said Grinder.

“Look, I’m trying to deal with some family problems. Please go back wherever you came from” said Eltrovo.

The Quantum Zone

The story opens up as Gem, an Akkadian explains her backstory for what happened to their school to Flameboy. Apparently, Xyla caused havoc while she was after Vapor in Time Peril. After the whole school blew up, everyone was frozen from dark purple energy, but the events of Stand Together caused a large quantum explosion and opened up new quantum worlds and multiverse messes.

After salvaging from the mess, the Akkdian high schoolers used the pocket realities to have their friend groups and cliques in. Once a powerful Akkadian named Dispatch showed up, a strange figure using Xyla’s old armor started killing people and murdering people. After Gem loses a close friend, she motivates Flameboy and his group to work together to discover who the murderer is.

They eventually travel to a theatrical pocket-verse, and the Glitch shows up and makes a huge announcement about his conquest to destroy the fame and inequality of popular kids. The Glitch reveals the close friend’s dead and lifeless body, and causes everyone in a panic. After that, the group heads to a musical world under the sea, and Flameboy can’t fight the music and breaks out in song. After doing so, he gets a flashback about how his adoptive family left him behind and abandoned him.

After some more action later in the plot, the Glitch left nine bodies dead, including Grinder. Flameboy was desperately trying to be a good friend to Gem while she was dealing with depression of losing her close friends. There were only ten people left, and they sat together knowing that one of them was the murderer. After they accuse Della, the popular girl for not getting enough attention, Flameboy tries to confront her since Gem was angry at her. The few Cheek Squad members tried to stop him, but Bird talked him into not, since Della has depression.

Flameboy then figures out with Della that Gem is the murderer since she keeps killing her closes friends. Once confronted, Gem becomes angry and unleashes her full quantum power. Xyla appeared out of nowhere and knocked Gem down and out of her suit. She victoriously defeated her, but Flameboy steps up to be a good friend, and try to save Gem through a hug as she prepares a ginormous quantum attack. Flameboy sacrifices his life to stop her, but it isn’t enough, and he dies. The world is different, and Xyla claims that this world is different than theirs. Flameboy is dead, and the story is to be continued, as the end of Vapor into the Infinite.


The idea of this story was to have a high school musical, murder mystery, set in space, and I think I did pretty good at it. The biggest arc of the story was Flameboy, Della, and Gem. Gem was the kid who never got attention, and she took the extreme of it by murdering her closes friends just so she gets attention and validation. Della was a popular kid but genuinely wasn’t the bad guy, but got blamed for a lot of stuff because of her popularity. Flameboy was just the unpopular nerdy kid who wanted genuine friendships and relationships, and truly was the hero to step up and be brave.

The Quantum Zone was a lot of fun to make, but you can easily tell that I hit burnout around the time since the book was shorter and a bit rushed. I’ll get into that soon, but for now, that’ll be a wrap on the 20th Vapor into the Galaxy book, which is unexpectedly the final book for the series.

The End of the Infinite

And that was it, for now, but I got burnt out.

A big reason why I chose to stop writing is because I stopped talking to a friend that really helped me out with stuff, it was very fair to call him the Co-Director of Vapor into the Galaxy. Once he was gone, I lost a lot of motivation, and got caught up with managing a discord community (which took a lot of time, and most people didn’t want to be creative and help). I lacked the motivation to keep pushing, and Quantum Zone over-stretched that creative muscle.

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