Vapor into the Galaxy (2020)

Vapor into the Galaxy

“Did Somebody Say Adventure?”

I need to write but I'm (Probably) being lazy

SO Vapor into the Galaxy is not actually released yet. Since the sudden cancelation of the Vapor series in 2018, I have been working on the new series on-and-off but generally have been dealing with business. However, since I casually moved to an entirely different country a year ago, I have had more time to sit down and have mental breakdowns about this series. As of the time I am writing this, I decided to start dedicating time to posting updates on this page and keep you updated on the creative madness!

Update - 3 / 13 / 2023

I discovered Fonts!

And now the website feels much more alive, personal, and has the “Vapor” vibe I needed in my life. By playing around with it, now I have a really nice font I might be using in the books and it fits sooo much better than the boring font I had beforehand! For example, read this text – excerpt with the new font :O

Chapter 6 

I showed the gentleman the door, but he offered to fight me instead. After I threatened to poop in his garage, he sobered up and offered to brawl with me while wearing seven different Alvin and the Chipmunk exclusive hats. I was deeply offended but at the same time, super interested in where this could go so I followed him out to his car and asked to talk to his wife. His wife said hello and we had a respectful exchange and then I went home, ate butter out of fear, and moved on with my life.

I have been playing a lot of Minecraft instead of working on this series

But if you want to check out my base then here you go

ARtwork Practice

However, not only have I been subduing to my crippling addictive therapy of Minecraft, but I’ve also been playing way too much Splatoon 3 (I have about 850 hours of it so far) but have used it as inspiration for art!

How is the progress of Vapor into the Galaxy?

At the moment, there has not been any official writing done for the current stories since I’m still in that “brainstorming” phase. My art style has been improving and I’m still learning tricks (I still cannot draw hands but can cheat the system), but mainly the storytelling has been stuck for some time. My latest draft (#7) might be the one to lead the stories since it creates a dynamic first set of books. 

Frankly, my plan is to focus on the topics of courage, empathy, hope, and mental health and let me tell you, those have been some very hard topics that have challenged me to face my own demons.

If this current draft works out the way I want it to, then the first series will be about 4 books long for the first set and aim to recreate the archived series in a complete new direction! I aim to keep the stories PG-13 and aimed for teen / young adult audiences while having a fresh and colorful taste but also an undertone of difficult topics. It will follow a 3-book arc with a side book focusing on a separate new main character, and I am excited to see how it all turns out!

A Sneak-Peak Into the Galaxies

Worldbuilding is an important part of any storytelling adventure. You need to weave the world into the flow of the story to fit the meaning and analogy of what a story means. Now instead of a singular world, what if we introduce sci-fi concepts such as dimensions, galaxies, portals, and the multiverse to create a stunning universe that is infinite and ever-evolving?

I will be making a page here just to give you a sneak-peak into the chaos of the new galaxies for Vapor to uh, go into. It will be built loosely based on the original archived series, so see how many details you can spot from the original! 

Oh, and one last thing

For those of you who tell me that I am talented or my art is good, do know that my artwork is not something I started strongly with. If you looked through the history of my art and stories, you can see the slow progression of art quality increased over time as I tried new things and learned from my mistakes. It took me about 6-7 years to get to the point where I am now when I started JUST when I was only 15. I will continue to keep my old embarrassing art and stories history here because I think you could gain inspiration for what having the courage to work hard and express yourself with art can become over time. B)

First Depiction of Vapor (2016)

Latest Depiction of Vapor (March 2023)

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