Archived Series

a very messy History

I’m a little embarrassed to show the actual books so I decided to take the time to write out a reflection of every single book and where I was at in my life! I hope you can enjoy these and maybe learn something, take some inspiration, or anything away from these archives that I had fun with when I was younger!

The Beginning (2016)

I was bored in high school and wanted to write something meaningful, expressive, colorful, and a world where I was the coolest person ever. Starting from scratch, I began to write loose ideas into paper and began the creative bonfire!

Season 1

Vapor, an enthusiastic yet lonely alien is set off on adventures throughout the galaxy with both old and new friends. Slowly unraveling the mystery of a dark future lead by Lunar, Vapor is tasked to lead his friends through dark and uncomfortable twists, that will change everything.

opening up the multiverse (2016-2017)

This part of the Vapor into the Galaxy series is where I began to introduce characters based on my friends, and the best part was they were involved with helping shape the story! You may be able to see some of the high school drama going on behind the scenes, but I would mark this era the best of the Vapor stories.

Season 2 - The Cheek Squad

Vapor; an enthusiastic adventurer faces his biggest fear and challenge; losing his best friend to a demonic spirt obsessed with him and enjoys being hunted. Running through the galaxy and multiverse to save Cherry Bomb from this possessive spirit, will Vapor succeed in saving his friend?

Collapse of the Multiverse (2017-2018)

Taking a grander approach than Cheek Squad did, I chose to divide this series into 4 separate adventure arcs that focused on the main characters of the universe. This approach is something I’m still proud of, but it inevitably lead to a burnout since I would’ve had to write 12 books just for this season.   

Season 3 - Into the Infinite

Vapor, the leader of the Cheek Squad faces conflict with everything in his life once he meets his toxic and destructive step siblings. Thus, spreading his friends out even further as they watch the Universe crumble by the vast and gigantic Infinite. 

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